Red 2020 Kia Soul

Kia vehicles are known for their overall dependability, but your Kia's excellent condition must be maintained through proper automotive care over the years. With the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic impacting the lives of many Kia drivers, you understandably need to find ways to take care of your vehicle without placing yourself in an unnecessarily risky situation. Regardless of whether you are driving your Kia more or less than usual because of the pandemic, there are a few steps that you can take to keep it properly maintained.

Drive Your Kia Periodically

Many Kia drivers are cooped up at home and maybe driving their vehicles much less frequently. Like all vehicles, Kia models are made with components that have been designed to be used regularly. For example, when the brakes are not used for more than a week or two, they can become rusty and damaged. Hoses and belts can dry out, and the battery's power can be depleted. These and other types of auto damage can be prevented or lessened by driving your Kia periodically. If you are not driving your Kia for at least 20 minutes in a row every two weeks, add this important auto care task to your to-do list.

Change Your Kia's Oil

There is a good chance that your Kia will require a regular oil change during the current pandemic conditions. This step is essential to maintain engine health and longevity. Spending time in a crowded lube center's waiting room is not practical or safe at this time. Some auto shops may permit you to sit in your Kia while the work is done. If this is not possible in your area, consider learning how to change your Kia's oil yourself. Instructions are easy to find online.

Complete a Regular Inspection

Whether you are driving your Kia every day or not, get in the habit of opening the hood. Even if you have little or no background knowledge about automotive care, a visual inspection may reveal issues that you can address now before serious problems occur. For example, corroded battery connectors are easy to see, and you can solve this issue at home before your vehicle dies. Look at the hoses, belts, and other components for signs of damage as well.

By continuing to focus your attention on your Kia's care despite the pandemic, you can maintain its excellent condition. At the same time, you may avoid the risk of repair issues that could require professional attention in a service center.