Compare 2021 Kia Sorento vs 2021 Nissan Rogue

2021 Kia Sorento vs 2021 Nissan Rogue
2021 Kia Sorento 2021 Nissan Rogue
  191 hp 181 hp
Seating Capacity
  7 Passengers 5 Passengers
Drivetrain Warranty
  10 yr./100,000 mi. 5 yr./60,000 mi.
Engine Options
  3 engine options - including a hybrid model 1 engine option

2021 Kia Sorento vs 2021 Nissan Rogue

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Are you trying to decide between heading home in a 2021 Kia Sorento or a 2021 Nissan Rogue? These compact crossover SUVs are both next-generation models that have extensive appeal among drivers in the Atlanta area. However, they stand far apart in some key areas. Understanding their differences is an essential part of your buying decision, so what should you know about the Sorento and the Rogue before you narrow down the scope of your search?


Both of these models benefit from an exterior refresh. For the 2021 Sorento, the new look includes an extended profile with confident angles. This is highlighted by premium accent lines on the lower side panels and a thin layer of lower-body molding. The grille is perfectly integrated with the three-bulb headlights. These lights are underscored by an LED light ribbon that dramatically turns downward to outline part of the grille. The 2021 Rogue, on the other hand, has a reshaped V-Motion grille that retains most of its personality from the preceding model years. This model also has stacked headlights, smooth sides, and thick molding from end to end.


The Sorento is one of only a few compact crossover SUVs with the third row in its cabin. This distinguishing feature is combined with smart device integration, leather material, USB ports, heated seats, a sunroof, and a full range of additional interior amenities that you will love. The Rogue has a two-row cabin. It has some of the same features that you will find in the Sorento at higher trim levels.


The first few trims for the 2021 Sorento come with a 191-horsepower, 2.5-liter, four-cylinder engine. This is associated with an eight-speed auto transmission. The Sorento’s top trim levels have a 281-horsepower, 2.5-liter turbo, four-cylinder engine with a dual-clutch auto eight-speed transmission. The 2021 Rogue, on the other hand, has a 2.5-liter, four-cylinder gas engine that produces 181 horsepower.

Our Kia Atlanta South associates are happy to help you learn more about the next-generation Sorento and its many trim levels. To get to know more about Sorento through a test drive, make arrangements for your visit by contacting us today.